Rating Guide

Hello, Readers! I thought I’d make this page to explain what I consider each time I rate a book, and what each star rating means to me.


Five stars. This book was incredible. There was something that made this book go above and beyond other books. This is a book that I will probably re-read. A lot.


Four stars. This book was great! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Overall, I would definitely recommend giving this a read.


Three stars. A solid book. This book has mostly good aspects but also has some negative aspects that detracted from my total enjoyment of it. I would probably recommend this book.


Two stars. Eh. I probably didn’t like this book. While there were definitely some good things about this book, in my opinion, the bad outweighed the good. This is sometimes simply due to personal preference. If I recommend this book, there are probably conditions attached.


One star. Either I didn’t finish this book or I did finish it and extremely disliked it. This book had few redeeming qualities for me.

Some notes

  • I find that most books that I read tend to be in the 3-4 star category so, in my opinion, that’s a good place for a book to be.
  • I’ll use ½ star ratings if I feel a book is in between categories.